Ultrasound Disinfection and Storage

Properly disinfected and reprocessed endocavity ultrasound probes are critical in preventing patient infections. No longer does technician safety have to be sacrificed to ensure patient safety! AirClean® Systems' endocavity ultrasound probe disinfection workstation allows technicians to safely perform probe disinfection and reprocessing by protecting technicians from commonly used HLD's such as glutaraldehyde, OPA, Cidex®, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

For disinfected probes, HEPA filtered storage cabinets are available to provide a dedicated, safe and clean area to store probes while awaiting their use in subsequent procedures. Positive-pressure HEPA-cleaned air bathes disinfected probes to minimize the potential of airborne contaminants entering the cabinet.

ACVP50 Ultrasound Workstation

  • Designed for disinfection of Endocavity ultrasound probes
  • Built in vapor management filter- gas phase bonded chemisorptive carbon
  • Bonded filter neutralizes high level disinfectant fumes and vapors
  • SoftClips™ hold probe secure during immersion in high level disinfectant and rinse solutions

ACTE50 TEE ⁄ ENT Probe Soaking Station

  • Multiple tube lengths available to accommodate different probe Neutralizes high level disinfectants fumes and vapors
  • Bonded carbon filtration guaranteed for one year

TEE Probe
Storage Cabinets

TEE Probe Soaking Station
  • Positive-pressure HEPA filtered clean air
  • Specially designed hanging clips and shelves
  • Control access by securing TEE probes within cabinet

CleanShield® Ultrasound
Storage Cabinet

CleanShield® Ultrasound Storage Cabinet
  • Thermally-fused polypropylene
  • Two stage filtration
  • Locking front door for securing ultrasound probes

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